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Apparently, there is indeed a lost episode of Dexter's Laboratory! It was made around 1998 for the creator's own little center of humor and was just for a laugh, due to the fact that it contains plenty of 'sailor mouth' language and adult themes. The episode was never ment to air and was actually only shown at private parties and a few conventions and was never heard of again for almost 15 years! Some even called the episode a myth. Until now.

Adult Swim actually has the damn thing! DDD8 They've even shown a bumper or two about trying to get it to air! And apparently it was supposed to air last Sunday I believe, but they didn't deliver. Good thing too, I would've missed it!

So now I must know...

Are they going to air the damn thing or not??
I've been searching, and AS is going to air it, but only on the internet and they didn't give us a specific date or where exactly it was going to be. I'm so anxious, I must know! So, if any of you guys are keeping up with this lost little history gem, do let me know if/when they are going to actually show the episode. PLEASE! :heart: And incase you had no idea any of this was happening, here's some sources!

Adult Swim's Twitter:…

Adult Swim Central:…

YouTube "Dexter's Rude Removal" Contraversy video:…

If I get my hands on any info on a release date or whatever AS is going to do with it, I'll keep ya posted! :thumbsup:

Unless they already put the video up and now it's gone forever and I missed it then please disregard all of this and let me cry in the corner.
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December 10, 2012


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